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    nice detail in the map,very nice
    custom music which gave very eery feelings [ on each special infected]


    OH GOD THE LAG WAS AWFUL -- very bad lag.
    missing images/pink black checkers? errors a lot of then.
    the special infected spawns very easily like lets say we could have just killed a hunter but out of nowhere a second two later is a spitter.
    what intro?  all my game did was just turn black the screen did and i couldn't move side to side until i saw the same black screen


    The lag is just awful man I didn't even get to continue playing because of how bad it was? Not to mention the errors,and pink/black items? it made it very difficult to play. The details and music were the only things i really liked about the map but in the end i stopped playing all together [didnt even finish it] and deleted. 

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