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    Station Morozovo

    Lost Train station, a faint reminiscence of the CoD 2 Russian train station campaign. This is a complete symmetric deathmatch map.

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    Capture the Flag based in a canyon with an intricate sewer and vent system. A good change from all the generic CTF maps out there. Features a desert canyon setting much like America's Grand Canyon.

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    A map with a giant laptop in the middle. What can you expect? This map is fully functioning and is a playable deathmatch game.

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    I didn't like the way trickjumping is going. it seems like the mappers just make longer pogos and lower ceilings . For me trickjumping is about speed and unlimited flying so I created jump_trix inspired by q3 freestyle maps.

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    This map was designed to green screen in Team Fortress 2. Greenscreens are used to create those digitally altered movies.

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    Yeah!!... another Hunted map! There aren't many hunted maps out there so i decided to make one myself. and so here it is vip_chrrgg. Red team is equipped with 3 spawn rooms spread throughout the map, and sniper spots for them are a plenty.

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    Boxing Ring

    THE boxing ring for all your needs. This map is mainly designed for something like boxing tournaments. The boxing ring and spectator areas are separated. The spectators can't shoot at the fighters or get to them without passing through t...

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