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    The map really looks great.
    You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design and creation, with the various props/models around the map.
    The spectate cams on the waiting room and operating room are awesome touches.
    The walkway above the point, and the badwater like tunnel are great spots for flanking and bombing routes.


    Unexplained poor performance on this map.  When tested on our pub server, every person's ping doubled on this map alone, making it unplayable for just about everyone.
    Some players on the server speculated the overuse of smoke particle effects had a detrimental effect on performance.
    Everybody on our server seemed to glitch and warp around the midpoint.


    There is room for improvement with regards to map performance.  I wouldn't write off the map completely, as more people testing the map could lead to invaluable feedback for the creator to make improvements.  I tested this map on separate occasions, during peak traffic and low traffic hours, to rule out server load problems.  Found the map performance experience was pretty much the same each time.

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