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  • Pros:

    Maps have a traditional L4D feel to them
    Train pass through was very nice
    Bots didn't get stuck or confused


    Some common had a weird blue color overlay on them on map1
    Custom car models don't fit into the L4D world at all
    Switch at the end of map2 was hard to find as it didn't emit a glow, and the cut-scene didn't fit into the L4D world, I felt like I was watching the "Fast and the Furious"
    Map 3 streets are way too cluttered at the start
    Finale made no sense and the boat doesn't make a get away, it just sits there
    Didn't see one special infected on the finale, I believe they were stuck behind one of the storage/container trailers as I heard a boomer but never saw him


    Good campaign overall, it can be made into a great one with some work.

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