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Best In Class created by DeathZone.
Try your skills with each class in thier own specially designed courses!
Version: 2.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 01/12/10
Released: 12/31/69
Author: DeathZone
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
Size: 29.19MB
Mode: Training,
Last Updated: 01/12/10   Version: 2.0  (Final)    
Great for "noobs" and "Pros" because Im a pro at TF2 and this is kinda too hard.
There is sadly no Medic training Also this map isn't that famous so I wish that the Spy fight arena wasn't there Little to hard I found a glitch were you can use the SMG on the Sniper challenge.
This maps are "Okay-ish" It is that good of a map. I hope you can update it and make it better
No Medic Practice - obviously people think it needs no practice? Nothing works Completely useless goals (f.e. Pyro)
Nothing works. As a Pyro you have to look in a black room with your flamethrower for holes in the floor. The flamethrower doesnt even light the area and besides - what has this to do with being Pyro?? As a Spy you have to backstab, but there is nothing to backstab. As Engie you have to build your way up to the top. Up the top is nothing and you are stuck. As Sniper you have to ride on a platform and shoot targets in order to remove obstacles. At some point the platform just goes into a wall and you fall down. Even if you manage while falling to shoot the target and remove an electric field you die from the fall. And so on and so on. You die ALOT. Why not make this like rocket jump maps with fair respawn points when you fail? Or continous resupply? Everytime you die you have to start the whole mess from the beginning. + up to 20 seconds respawn time everytime you die. NO THANKS. I don't have that much time to waste. There are better jump maps, better target practice maps and so on that aren't that annoying.
Awsome map and great courses. Helps you master different classes.
No course for Medic.
Already played some time ago and this is perfect to help you master all the classes because most courses are difficult.
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