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TF2 : Recreation / Indoor
***HOW TO FIX ANY AND ALL MISSING TEXTURES/MODELS*** In the changelog, there will be a link to a construction pack... download and install this...
Version 2 is finally up! Thanks for the new ideas everybody! We planned to stray trademinecraftrealms away from a realistic minecraft map and into more of a trade/deathmatch map! Enjoy the update! -Map Overview- This is a open-styled Minecraft map consisting of four seperate biomes. The map also c...
Description: Control Point (CP's) map with 5 CP's where you play as a miniature soldier on a battlefiled that is based on a bedroom and hallway. Fixed.
March 2013
A neutral-flag CTF map based inside of a mall. The student that made this had a lot of fun placing objects to portray the scenes in this map! Which scene will be your favorite?
March 2013
A Capture the Flag map based off of one of our favorite Halo levels. Up the ramps, down the tubes.
February 2013
Credits : ZooL (Creator) Komaokc (Sky) Mic_ (Models, i've modified some textures) Nintendo (Creators of Mario, Sounds, Music) Luigimario (Yoshi Planet)
June 2012
a small Trade map with a CP, a 'Duke's Library' at the middle, and a teleporter to get into a Arcade Room !!! Include * Pistol, Shotgun, Rocket-Launcher, Pipe-Bombs, Explosions, Item Sounds Replacement * Eduke32 Textures, Real Size Duke in the library with working Taunts * 2 Musics : 'Stalke...
May 2012
Booster Tower from Super Mario RPG (SNES), remade into a 3D free-for-all map. Featuring lively animated Snifits, Chain Chomps, and Bob-Ombs you can interact with. LOTS of custom content. Almost no asset was imported from outside sources, save for those necessary for gameplay like the built-in TF2 ...
April 2012
Hey everyone, just wanted to post my entry for the comp CTF contest over at TF2map here, would appreciate to get some feedback! Its standard CTF and its version a3 at the moment.. I need feedback on gameplay, the visuals are not important at this stage of development! All suggestions/feedback/crit...
April 2012
This is the second version of CTF Wastershed. Check out the change-logs to see what has been changed in this version.
April 2012
CTF_Control is an intelligence map with a control point element. each teams intelligence is held under lock and key. when a team owns the center control point the enemy's Intel doors open and it can be capped. but be warned! if the enemy takes the point their Intel will be covered again and YOURS wi...
April 2012
The author always wanted to make this map into CTF or capture point style map but didn't know how.. well he found how to convert old maps.. this was the first map he ever made.. so its also his first tf2 map its an alpha.. if your going to use this map PLEASE set caps to 6 or 9 not 3! as there are F...
April 2012
-The 1st, 2ed, and 3ed floors were heavily altered to offer a better flow to the castles. -There is now much more cover in the middle areas along with more ammo and med packs. -New dice textures were added to compliment the “poker” theme. -Skybox props have been rearranged to give a better look ...
April 2012
My first Achievement map, and one of my best achievement maps RED players Only, all bots are BLU it contain : -Idle -Bots -75% of achievements -Sentry Room -RocketJump Room -FlatGrass Room and more ... ---...
April 2012
This is a Team fortress 2 map. Here youcan idle to get items. There is no spawn blocks o players can kill other players. Youcan use this for your server.
March 2012
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Team Fortress 2 Maps Recreation / Indoor