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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead Maps Achievement
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Achievement created by BiNO & mr_pot.
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Our little Achievement Map. You can practice killing the witch, the tank, meleeing the hunter and some other stuff. If u want to spawn a Hunter, Tank or Witch just go into his/her room and push the button!
Version: b2  (Beta)
Last Updated: 09/09/09
Released: 09/09/09
Author: BiNO & mr_pot
Publisher: BiNO
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: achievement_b2.vpk  
Size: 1.68MB
Mode: Co-Op
Environments: Miscellaneous / Other
Last Updated: 09/09/09 Version: b2  (Beta) Views: 227,504
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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead Maps Achievement