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---> (IMPORTANT: Read the Changelog!) <--- This is a port of L4D2 'Dark Carnival' for L4D1. You need our Sound-Support (external Download - see Changelog) Note: Addons Support not needed for this Campaign
last month
by L4D2 on L4D
(5/5 maps)
It is time to get to the rescue in the morning, Bill Zoey Francis Louis the four survivors need to get out of the infected area after no mercy helicopter crashed. Now, the mobs begin coming again.....
last month
by HaiTian
(2/2 maps)
you hold off in a minecraft land, i know this map is poor,small and cheap but i just wanted to make a quick map
May 2014
by Rooster
this map continues where you left off from nightmare ep1 - It has traps becareful!
May 2014
by rooster
You wake up in a strange place and wonder how you got there, try and escape! - this map has nothing to do with left 4 dead, it would probably suit garry's mod better but my sdk won't work for gmod. *IMPORTANT* put nightmare ep1 into the console.
May 2014
by rooster
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[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] Minecraft Steve here for those that want him. Have fun my Minecrafters. Original Mod By Splinks READ THE CHANGELOG EDIT WITH NOTEPAD++
5 days ago
by Splink/Camaleonic
[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] Skull Glowing First Aid Kit, Belphi made the texture and created a bumpmap, watch the video and have fun! :) Original Mod by Belphi READ THE CHANGELOG EDIT WITH NOTEPAD++
1 weeks ago
by Belphi/Camaleonic
2 weeks ago
by Dethly/Camaleonic
A port of FFHRRM to L4D1. Contains all the same changes with a few differences and compatibility edits. See the main FFHRRM mod page on the Steam Workshop for more details. Differences between this version and the L4D2 version: The Auto-shotgun now behaves like the new SPAS-12. The Pump Shotgun...
2 weeks ago
by Drazn AKA Fire
[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] The hunter now has a Rainbow dash themed hoodie as seen in online stores. It actually contains the real-life material texture extracted from photographs from those hoodies. READ THE CHANGELOG EDIT WITH NOTEPAD++
2 weeks ago
by Darkhunter/Camaleonic
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