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Cold Fear created by TRANE.
I of starts to make new campaign Cold Fear,I hope campaign to you it is pleasant! I make to finish all up to mind and to make well!
Version: 8.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/15/09
Released: 09/15/09
Author: TRANE
Publisher: Andrey B
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: cold fear.vpk  
Size: 77.61MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Last Updated: 09/15/09   Version: 8.0  (Final)    
-- Maps are generally very well-designed, with areas that enable solid gameplay and smart spawns that I didn't think felt overwhelming. -- Supplies are plentiful as long as you don't burn through ammo like a bot. I found the number of pipe bombs a little slim, but received plenty of fire in a bottle to compensate. -- Outdoor areas are pretty attractive and seem to stand up well to Blood Harvest's (far too short) woods level. -- "Rooftops" level has some fantastic verticality.
-- Lots and lots of ugly texture stretching. There were times where I felt like I'd flown out into a 3D skybox or something. (Hammer strikes again?) -- Same goes for the lighting on later maps. I'd be OK with this if it didn't (IMO) affect visibility negatively. (Hammer strikes *yet* again?) -- There are some excruciatingly bland areas to go along with the good ones.
One of the better campaigns I've run across for the first L4D. Like a lot of things made for the old game, it's got rough edges in plenty, but it's fun and worth a download. I'm glad it's still on the site after 5 years.
Good optimization Good amount of zombies good dificulty fun decent amount of ammo and throwables
no intro or outro places where you could jump out of the map (fence just before you get to the finale) some baricades were oddly placed invisible walls VERY easy finale, jump on the roof and you'll basically win pipe that you could climb onto one of the building roofs (level with the crashed plane) this may just be me, but when I think "COLD fear" I think of winter? Too many woods levels Rescue vehicle saved us from 15 feet away/never left/pulled into that situation strangely, no way out for it except to back out? Hard-coded horde events
All in all it was an ok campaign. Not the best, not the worst. Some things I would change would be invisi-barries in odd places like on top of the bridge? It blocks you 1/2 way up and that makes no sense to me. Also make sure all the poles are only climable by zombies not humans because that led to an odd situation for me (its the building across from the crescendo event on the plane wreck level I think level 3?) I would have liked to have seen an intro and outro. On the positives it was well optimized virtually 0 lag. All in all I suppose I would reccomend at least for a quick play-through originality -2 Intro/outro-1.5 Hard coded events/glitchy spots-.5 total 6/10
- the game didn't crash for me :) - functional AI navigation with no problem except the final escape - a variety of environments, and i enjoyed playing on the rooftops - solid gameplay with no noticeable bugs
- as others noted, the rescue vehicle did not move during escape - the water area and the rescue vehicle were a bit glitchy, easy to get trapped - afraid to say that the map design doesn't feel very original, like a mix of valve campaigns
It was a smooth playthrough, but I must admit that I did get bored on a couple of occasions. The maps are well designed but do feel generic. I am glad the finale didn't crash as others noted!
Great direction Loved that most of the rooms opened, even if they were empty. Nice poster No real bugs that I could see. AI kept pretty close to you Finale had plenty of supplies ready. Maps were build very nicely
Map 1 was way too short. First few maps are pretty generic woodlands. Despite being great all campaign, Francis and Zoey I guess, jumped to their deaths trying to follow me down the ladder in the end of map 3, which made the tank and horde that followed immediately after pretty difficult. No intro/outro/dialogue No radio message Finale boat never leaves and zombies do indeed get on too easily. Hell, the tank got on the boat and almost smacked me off, but luckily everyone got on before that happened.
It's a nice campaign that just needs a bit of fine tuning with the finale and maybe teaching the AI how to go down ladders.
~~~Overall~~~ -Great visuals -Perfect amount of hoards, specials, and tanks -Enough ammo and health -Map 4 was definitely my favorite, I loved climbing the rooftops -Everything was put together nicely
~~~Map 1~~~ -Louis didn't pick up first aid kit at the start ~~~Map 3~~~ -AI got stuck in a few places ~~~Finale~~~ -No radio dialogue -The boat didn't leave port
Overall this campaign was very smooth and fun to play. There were no major problems to interrupt the flow of the game. The length of the campaign was perfect, and everything was laid out nicely. Just add some more dialogue and fix the finale and it would be perfect! :)
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