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Fort Noesis created by RyOK and Noesis Interactive.
'Fort Noesis' is a highly polished 3 map campaign for Valve's hit video game, Left 4 Dead. Featuring both Cooperative and Versus game modes. 'Fort Noesis' is currently released as an open beta.
Version: 5  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/01/10
Released: 03/01/10
Author: RyOK and Noesis Interactive
Publisher: Noesis_Interactive
Maps: 3/3
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: noesis.vpk  
Size: 97.89MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Last Updated: 03/01/10   Version: 5  (Complete)    
+ Map has daylight sections +/- Huge emphasis on survival horror + It is possible to beat the map
-Ridiculously hard because of the map layout and confusing escape sequences(Played on Advanced with a friend and two AI teammates) -Aside from a couple of arrows on the walls, there is no clear sense of direction especially during the mad dashes to the saferooms and helicopter. -Survival horror elements in the map are a hit-or-miss for a fast-paced game like L4D. Explosives and Tier 2 weapons are few and far between( on Advanced anyway.) - Most times survival is based NOT on quick reaction time and teamwork but rather previous experience with the map (Dying repeatedly to become familiar with the special infected spawn and safehouse locations)
It's a challenging map, not all for the right reasons though. It's beatable but you might find yourself more frustrated rather than satisfied by the end of it.
fun custom campaign short but sweet good level layout very detailed maps mini finale crescendo event great looking finale lots of places to go and hold out
missing custom music and dialogue but survivors still respind to missing radio voiceover Some pinkpurple missing texture reflections on the walls in the room where the saferoom door is at the end of first map and it need more pipebombs and molotovs in the finale and ammo piles and maybe some more first aid as well only one of each ter2 weapon on the finale and no ammo pile
great custom campaign fun to play did not find alot of pipebombs or molotovs when i played thru it did not find any ammo on the finale to restock my weapon ammo only one of each weapon in weapon locker had to grab a new m16 when ammo was low cude not change my weapon cuz ther was no ammo to refill it and only one autoshotgun one hunting rifle and one m16 cud only use the same weapon i had cuz if i grab a deferint weapon ther was no ammo to refill it but over all it was fun
+ Solid pacing with a variety of envioronments throughout. + A great map for shorter games - bit longer than Crash Course but nowhere near the time investment of a standard 5 map campaign. + Unique crescendo in the form of a mini-finale. + Great visuals, especially the gorgeous mood of Map 2. + Well-spaced out items and map lengths. + Excellently designed finale which is reminiscent of an expanded No Mercy Rooftop. Lots of places to go and defend from, and plenty of scope for moving around during the finale.
- Has not been fixed since "The Sacrifice" released, and thus custom music and dialogue from old versions is now missing. Survivors still respond to the missing radio voiceovers. - Some pinkypurple missing texture reflections on the walls towards the end of Map 1. - Some performance issues on Map 3. - Due to the missing voiceovers, those who play now may be confused what to do on Map 2's mini-finale after the gun is fired.
One of the best campaigns for Left 4 Dead 1, a real classic with just straight up official-map-esque good gameplay, like Death Aboard, Arena of the Dead or Coal'd Blood. I'd totally consider this an essential map to check out if one is curious about the great campaigns made back in Left 4 Dead 1's heyday, though the missing dialogue and music does put a slight damper on it and makes me more hesitant to recommend the L4D1 version over the L4D2 port, which is also avaliable on L4DMaps. It would be fantastic if the creators could take the time to come back and fix the custom audio. This campaign doesn't deserve to be left to die in it's post-Sacrifice glitched state.
==== In general ==== + Overall quite challenging. + Short but not too short. + Loads of custom content. + Good lighting. + Horde and tank events were timed well. + Finale was quite a challenge too. + Just standing around and doing nothing is a no-go in this campaign. ===============
==== Map 1 ==== - Radio didn't play any music. ============= ==== Map 2 ==== - AI mates had quite a problem with getting into the lift. - Blocky areas in nearly all corridors. ============= ==== Map 3 - finale ==== - Rain setting but without any rain sounds. - Framerate not optimized. ================== ==== In general ==== - Blocky areas. - Framerate partly unoptimized. - Felt quite short. ===============
I liked this one! It was a bit short though.
The details of map no.1 is much better than 2 and 3. Map no. 2 is simply full of zombies and there is not enough playable settings.

One more thing - there are too much jockeys which come in a sudden. I really don't like that.
This isn't an l4d2 campaign. Try this with l4d1 instead, as this was designed for it, not the sequel.
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