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Death Pull created by Kosire/Valve.
Kosire's day time mod of Valve's Death Toll campaign. I'm re-uploading here for others to find and download because he took it down off of his site. Do not ask me for any support, I'm only adding it here for 'historical purposes'. English comments only, please.
Version: 1.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/21/10
Released: 04/21/10
Author: Kosire/Valve
Publisher: Trunten
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deathpull.vpk  
Size: 185.86MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Last Updated: 04/21/10   Version: 1.1  (Final)    
The Death Toll campaign in daytime.
Is a daytime version really necessary?
The original campaign is better. however, the last 2 levels were cool in daytime. Could have made some other changes as well.
This comment has been removed by the developer.
This comment has been removed by the developer.
+ Its Death Toll + Great Work on campaign poster
- Area Portals where all messed up. - Texture decals such as grass and weeds where not there. - Need to have more fog to hide the out reachs of the map. - Brightness seamed Unrealistic. - Shadowing Needs to be way better.
If the reason you removed the grass details and stuff was because of them being chopped in half or odd looking you just need to go into the map opitons tab in hammer and go to detail material file and change that to detail/ruraldetailsprites and it should fix the problem.
How can you say it is very original ?
This is the official map Death Toll. The "mapper" just add light to make it "day time" instead of "night time".

This is *NOT* a custom campaign.
if its different than the original then its custom.... sigh.
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