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At Tank's Gate (Doom Music Mod) created by melonenwurst.
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A music mod which changes the tank music to 'At Doom's Gate' also known as 'E1M1'.
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/13/11
Released: 08/13/11
Author: melonenwurst
Publisher: melonenwurst
File: at_tanks_gate_1.vpk  
Size: 16.98MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
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Last Updated: 08/13/11   Version: 2.0  (Complete)    
I added a video just to help out on how the doom At doom's gate music sounds like XD
Best game music ever. >:D
He's right i dont even know what it sounds like, but im just gonna download it lol.
you should make a video so people know what it sounds like so they can know if they want it or not
there is a video on the l4d2 download.might wanna check it out!
If you clicked this you should know what "At Dooms Gate" sounds like.
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