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Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
07.07.13 Feedback 35
Replaces the current intro with the Sacrifice trailer More >
Author L4D-Pro
Game Left 4 Dead

2 Survivors for l4d1
05.08.16 Feedback 5
This mod replaces survivors in game Left 4 Dead. Also this addition easy do t... More >
Author * Serjik *
Game Left 4 Dead

3 l4d1_the aftermath (rochelle) replace a zoey
05.19.16 Feedback 4
the aftermath (rochelle) replace a zoey. This model has been done by Shar... More >
Author Aya Supay/Dalur/Sharon
Game Left 4 Dead

4 AK47--Green Camo with Green Luminous star(sights)
Texture Packs Weapons
05.11.16 Feedback 3
AK47--Green Camo with Green Luminous star(sights). And i add a new gunfire s... More >
Author Killer9032/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

5 AK47---Elite Build
05.10.16 Feedback 13
AK47---Elite Build,from CS:GO,maybe... and i add a gunfire sound from COD. More >
Author BoomerSTEAM/CombatBowl/German_Nia
Game Left 4 Dead

6 Сhloe Zoey
04.25.16 Feedback 10
Original models and textures - Dontnod Entertainment, Square Enix Models an... More >
Author Walt/xDShot™
Game Left 4 Dead

7 Beta Hunter's Animations
09.04.13 Feedback 26
Bings back the ooold animations of the Hunter . This gonna be the ONLY one a... More >
Author Mister L Star / Splinks / Turtle Rock Studio
Game Left 4 Dead

8 Colt Pistol
08.02.11 Feedback 20
a colt special pistol reskin i made for EdinMG by request. pak01_dir reedit i... More >
Author K1CHWA
Game Left 4 Dead

9 Widescreen Campaign Posters
05.08.16 Feedback 12
Widescreen loading screens for all of the campaigns. More >
Author L.v, Jewel23
Game Left 4 Dead

10 m4a1 cyrex cs-go
04.27.16 Feedback 2
Assault rifle m4a1-cyrex from the game counter strike global offensive More >
Author Valve
Game Left 4 Dead

Today's Top Left 4 Dead
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.01.12 Feedback 145
Now playable in L4D2. The survivors were just trying to use the toilet but so... More >
Author Groginhof
Game Left 4 Dead

2 Witch Hunter
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
01.12.14 Feedback 236
Our survivors wake up in Aperture, They realize scientists there use them as ... More >
Author Tisa
Game Left 4 Dead

3 City 17
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
12.27.10 Feedback 280
Get to the trainstation, to escape from City 17. Contains hidden combines and... More >
Author Mixmedia
Game Left 4 Dead

4 Deathcraft (L4D1) V1.1
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
02.11.12 Feedback 638
As the last minecarts leave the town, the survivors are forced to find anothe... More >
Author Special KBS/Bindal/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead

5 Death Aboard
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
08.20.11 Feedback 225
In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the neares... More >
Author Diputs
Game Left 4 Dead

6 We Don't Go To Ravenholm
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
06.24.10 Feedback 135
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2. This is NOT original ... More >
Author Valve ported by warplane11
Game Left 4 Dead

7 Suicide Blitz
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
11.24.10 Feedback 462
Survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie a... More >
Author R.T. Frisk
Game Left 4 Dead

8 Pitch Black Mesa
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
01.15.15 Feedback 79
Another day another chopper crash, this time the survivors find them selfs tr... More >
Author Remort
Game Left 4 Dead

9 Blood Harvest APOCALYPSE
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
11.21.13 Feedback 9
***This map was stolen for L4D2*** Sherriff Huckleberry(kevin) even claim to... More >
Author ROMBU
Game Left 4 Dead

10 Coal'd Blood
4 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
09.01.09 Feedback 70
The campaign starts in an abandoned bed and breakfast and leads the survivors... More >
Author Hunter McJesus
Game Left 4 Dead

AC/DC Zoey l4d1
Updated: 04/04/12
this is arby's teenangst zoey custom models with Miztaegg's custom AC/DC zoey re-skin for left 4 dead  

reed the changelog for installing this mod or use the link to dl my pak01.dir on the changelog
Changelog (v1 Complete)
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Tagged Survivors Zoey acdc zoey_l4d1.vpk
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