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L4D : 'GUI' mods
Replaces the standard sight to sight with the game TEAM FORTRESS 2. This is a port from L4D2
2 weeks ago
Installation instructions are included in the download <b>FEATURES</b> • New transition screens for all gamemodes • New s...
3 weeks ago
Replaces the intro with the first trailer released.
L4D1 Hud_550_v3 Read the changelog for installing this mod
4 weeks ago
Hello everyone! This is the beta radial menu, how it used to be like in 2007 version and the early 2008 version of Left 4 Dead, but then Valve...
4 weeks ago
This mod hiding interface(ammo, lives, teamlives, progressbar). Still glow on. Names on. No progressbar when healing/reviving. Designed for ha...
4 weeks ago
L4D1 Zoey-The Aftermath Black Leather.This model has been done by Gentlemen Prefer Zombies/haven012. I take no credit for the model.I only mad...
L4D1 Zoey - The Aftermath.This model has been done by Gentlemen Prefer Zombies. I take no credit for the model.I only made to L4D1. Read the c...
The hud style l4d2, l4d now, hope you like it. Read Changes
September 2014
Only a small contribution to l4d read changes :P
September 2014
[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] A gift to you, valued employee, from Aperture. Thank you, valued employee, for your hard work. Thanks to Dethly and J...
September 2014
Dust & Dirt Screen Effect for L4D1. Original author "Red Schism". All credits go to them. Its just a port to L4D1
June 2014
[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] A set of drawings that replaces the icons next to the health bars for each of the playable special infected. Original ...
(READ THE CHANGELOG) These cute, little characters will cheer you up while you're waiting for your attack meters to recharge! Changelog Fixed,...
April 2014
Did this for a friend a while back in responce to her feedback... This is the old 2008 styled HUD layout. Instructions in the changelog. Enj...
February 2014
surviving version buildable lego pieces, as when weapons diversion from your own child.
January 2014
nothing like super-happy survivors fear and terror only joy
January 2014
Panel and icono of the survivors version humans the left 4 dead the movie
January 2014
The four maps L4D1 replaced by the premiere left 4 dead the movie, including The CrashCourse and The Sacrifice. Hope you like.
January 2014
As some of you know (or may not know), L4D has an upgrade system that is disabled by default. The upgrade system itself is NOT a mod. It is bu...
October 2013
L4D1 Beta Survivor Portraits Reed the changelog for installing this mod
August 2013
I wanted to do this for a long time and it's finally done. Here's the vocalizer I made for L4D1. It is a vocalizer with 10 radial menus. One m...
August 2013
This mod replaces logos select survivors in this campaing select.
June 2013
(READ THE CHANGELOG) Replaces the L4D1 lobby pictures only and not the in-game icons. Edit with Notepad++
May 2013
GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead Mods GUI