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Heeyy, what's up! Name is Michelle. Steam account: -If you own Dota 2, commend me as a friendly!
Location Califorina
My Maps
Left 4 Dead 2 1 maps
This map is the purpose for filming! Type in 'map green' in console to load the map!If it doesn't work, i'll see what I can do.
May 2012
My Mods
Left 4 Dead 2 5 mods
For those loves The Bind of Isaac game should get this music for tank. The Binding Of Isaac OST-Divine Combat - Through beginning game The Binding Of Isaac OST-The Clubbing Of Isaac(REMIX) End game
Just got alittle help from 1337gamer15! -Fixed the weird looking eye problem. -Added some jigglebones. -No Facial
This mod activate the coldstream poster for the 'Custom Loading Screens'
May 2012
Do you feel like Valve's Weapons take up the whole screen? Don't worry, you can download arby26's reanimated weapons here, it's a pack made by me. This pack includes all weapon reanimated, except the pistols. 6/12/2012 Do not add any skins or else the animation will turn back into valve animation. ...
March 2012
-Creator of the 5 main loading screens: Dead Center Dark Carnival Swamp Fever Hard Rain The Parish Gavade. -Creator of the rest of the loading screens: The Passing No Mercy Crash Course Dead Air Death Toll Blood Harvest The Sacrifice Cold Stream (Enable is add-on linked) Urik. -Creator of the blu...
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GameMaps Member Directory Yoko1995