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Deathcraft II created by Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418.
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2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. A Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign. For a no-mods version of this campaign, check the changelog. Please read the changelog before commenting/reviewing if you're having any problems, I really won't appreciate a 1.0/10 review saying 'It's not working'.
Version: 2.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/05/12
Released: 11/05/12
Author: Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418
Publisher: rtsdeathreaper
Maps: 6/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deathcraft2.1.vpk  
Size: 285.03MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
A lot of action, great campaign time, lots of stuff to do, not a lot of bugs, everyone works great as planned and campaign is challenging which is great!
Collides with some add-ons. A few bad textures (not really a problem)
Overall this campaign deserves a medal, it lasts very long, and it perfectly fits our experience, it would be much better if you put up a help section on what is needed to install this campaign and how to solve problems, this campaign also it makes us ask you to make Deathcraft III :)
-Custom textures, models, weapons, sounds, hud. -Creative maps. Liked the variety. -HAS A STORY. Unlike most campaigns. -Spoopy Herobrine. -Alright finale. -Unique events, like tnt, lava, and water on lava. -Easter Egg. Very nice add.
-Sometimes the map loads an extreme amount of armored zombies, and it is then almost impossible to play. Returning to lobby and restarting usually fixes this. -Hitboxes can be hard to determine. -Snow particles too thick.
Great concept. Well executed. Not many bugs.
Fun concept. Brilliantly implemented.
Impossible to play. Hard to figure out weapons.
I give it a 10/10 because I personally found it a bit hard to play, but only because I didn't plan on learning this map for hours to play it correctly.
+Cool map! +Cool idea! +It's very challenging depending on wich difficult you are playing! +Loved the custom models! +Loved the characters quotes!
-It's just too short... -It gets repetitive on nexts plays... -It may cause futures crashes on your game, corrupting other addons...
Its a cool map, if you play once... its a shame because a lot of effort was put into this map... it gets repetitive, and you can't find much reasons to play again... but still a cool map that you should give it a try!
degree of detail and thoughtfulness was a delight. all of the accompanying add-ons make it a complete experience. lots of fun with friends who know minecraft.
could be a little longer to complete the immersion.
hell of a lot of fun, and some great laughs along the way. nice work
Last Updated: 11/05/12   Version: 2.1  (Complete)    
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Hejsan guys I'm from Sweden, In love Sweden because of The Snow, and The Snowball fights
Why ENGINE ERROR? SAID 1441/ - weapon_melee_spawn: UTIL_SetModel: not precached: models/weapons/melee/w_bat.mdl Why i can't play the GAME please FIX ALL PROBLEMS
Why can't I find where can download this map?
the button that says download
you like minecraft the pc and the xbox 360
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