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This is my first skin created by a my friend: Doctor Aibaleet the skin replace some spy's miscs and hats
April 2014
by Doctor Aibaleet
Sonic sappin' mah sentry! a big thanks to my friend,
January 2014
by Sonic Bluerush
this skin is made by rebbacus this skin are old only for sfm but i ressubed this for tf2 enjoy :)
November 2013
by rebbacus
Paintable pants for the Spy! New pants for the spy, which can be painted. Included in the download are versions that replace the Rogue's Col Roule, the Made Man, and the Camera Beard. If you want it to replace more things, let me know and I will add it.
May 2012
by ZombiePlasticClock
Nothing special just combine logo on the arm and black tie.
May 2012
This is a newer version of my now-trashed “1st in 1st out” spy skins. The main problem everyone kept telling me about was the inability to distinguish between the two teams, so, I fixed that by giving the spies black vests with team coloured collars and sleeves instead of full black suits.
May 2012
by feltorn
so ya if you like left 4 dead 2 download this mod
April 2012
by Benjamoose
This is the beta spy. I have not made this but have uploaded this to here to spice up the website with a little beta. As people say (including me) Beta is Better.
April 2012
by Gigan75pcp/revenant100/1337gamer15
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