C&C : Zero Hour AI Script (Backup)

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    AOD - New General + Army

    My first AOD/ Art of Defense map that i made. Set the AI to GLA in the top right corner and your ready to go! Place the folder in your C&C generals zero hour maps folder

  • Map
    AOD - The GLA Retaliation

    The 2nd map of 3 in the AOD series of factions. This time, only GLA units will attack you! This is a lot harder than the previous one with lots of sneak attacks so be ready!

  • Map
    AOD - Demilitarized Zone

    Sorry I haven't been uploading AODs but here is the final china one where you must stop an advance of chinese forces. I will try and upload more soon. AI Must be Regular China

  • Map
    AOD - Enemies Retreat

    My 2nd AOD map that i made. Stop the enemy from retreating south in order to win. This has lots of sneak attacks and strong units. Recommended more than 1 person defend. Make sure REG GLA is set in the corner in order for the map to work

  • 7 Maps
    Twinsen's AOD Map Pack, Includes 24 AODs

    Hey guys, I finally have a .zip file with all 24 of my AODs into 1 spot. This includes 24 AODs made by me and another air wars map that I made that really isn't AOD related but why not throw it in there. Unzip and select the ones you wan...



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