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Bespin : Cloud City

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Bespin Cloud City...

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Version 1.0 Final


  • Map

    Tatooine: Tuskencamp

    Tatooine: Tuskencamp Created by Pinguin/Aman 6th June 08 - 8th September 09 Map experience may change during online play. Really.

  • Map

    Kashyyyk: Islands

    A conversion of Kashyyyk: Islands from Star Wars Battlefront 1.

  • Map

    Earth: Town

    This is one of my maps that's been sitting mostly finished in my mod tools folder for far too long, I figured I might as well release it sometime. Along with this, there are a couple of other maps that I never finished that I will likel...

  • Mod

    Tatooine Music Fix

    Description: This is a user_script mod which fixes maps that use Tatooine's music for the Clone Wars, so it will no longer cause audio to mute during gameplay. Included Files: SOUND\TatMusicFix.lvl user_script_11.lvl user_script_12.lvl ...

  • Map

    RAS Prosecutor: Hangars

    Requirements: Unofficial Patch 1.3 Revision 129 This is a mod map based on the game "Star Wars: Republic Commando" and designed for those who enjoy: - the feeling of being the last player left on their team during Conquest matches - the...