Naboo : The Phantom Menace

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  • Lord_Bandu

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map
    Bounty Hunters: Tibana Gas Depot

    TIBANA GAS DEPOT map can be played at the Galactic Civil War era . This is the first new playable fraction for StarWars Battlefront! Play one of 5 most dangerous Bounty Hunters of the Galaxis. You can choose between the Tusken Chief, De...

  • File
    Star Wars Battlefront Modding Tools

    We have posted Star Wars Battlefront Mod Tools. This is a hefty download but we hope everyone who is interested in making mods for Star Wars Battlefront will enjoy it. Do note, these are unofficial and technical support will not be prov...

  • Mod
    ARC Squadron

    This is, simply put, an aesthetic mod. It changes the look of all the the clones (except the Jet Trooper) to that of the ARC trooper. Their colors have been changed accordingly, as well. The Jet Trooper is the only unit left untouched, t...

  • Map
    Tatooine: Jundland Wastes

    The Jundland Wastes map can be played either at the Galactic Civil War era or at the Clonewar era. Historical Background: Galactic Civil War: Rebel Droids escaped from the Imperials. Follow Lord Vader's order to search the planet and f...

  • Map
    Big Hoth Map

    The Hoth Map can only played at the Galactic Civil War. This Map was made for Teamwork, that's the only way to win this game!!! Installation: Copy the folder "dra2" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory. I do the m...



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