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The Dayafter

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  • kurochama

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    Short but good

    This campaign is kind of short but it's good. Well, as this campaign is still being developed so it kind of normal that this campaign still looks short. It still has many potentials to improve, like for examples (just some ideas to share):
    - In map 1, the route in the canal has been extended. As it still has potentials to be extended more, I think it would be more fun when map 1 becomes a longer exploration through the canal.
    - Then, for map 2, as the main event is in the subway, the tweaked part would be the journey before reaching the subway. Making survivors go around the town a bit longer while adding more events would make map 2 more fun & challenging. As for the subway event, it could also be tweaked with some missions like changing trains from one to another when reaching certain location but survivors would need to repair some switches/ power to make the next train work.
    - I think it would be a waste if the mission to find an item is only available in map 1. Adding more events about collecting items would also be a good idea for improvements.
    As for the problems of this campaign, if some people complained about too early alarm event in the beginning of map 1, this one is removed on the new update so they shouldn't have problems anymore. As for the finale, the finale is actually working. It's just that the rescue unit takes longer than usual, like, normally rescue unit arrives in seconds after the rescue music is triggered. But in this campaign, after the rescue music is played, survivors need to kill about 2-3 more tanks in total before the rescue unit arrives. In Expert difficulty, the longer survivors wait during rescue time, the more chaotic it would become with horde + tank combo coming from both sides.
    In short, this campaign has no serious problem, because in my opinion, the only thing that's still below my expectation is the length of campaign, as I expected it to be a long enough campaign to be enjoyed like "Dead City" & "Left Behind". But as this is still being developed, so, I hope that this campaign could be expanded more on the next updates. I'm looking forward to the next updates.
    Edit: updated the review based on the new version.

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