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  • Map

    9999 Marine Attack!

    Your have been choosen to be the 9999 Marine! Goodluck in destroying thee Earth. WARNING: AFTER YOUR MARINE DIES THE GAME IS NOT OVER

  • Map

    Custom Hero Wars F-3b

    In this hero wars, you can pick a hero and also customize its spells. Fight to level up and eventually destroy the enemy temple to win. Every 4 ~5 minutes, there is a duel in which all the heroes come together to fight in the duel arena....

  • Map

    The Depths

    Take control of resourses as quickly as possible in this small, 1v1 map.

  • Map

    4vs2 AI Hard

    Very fun map made by me, Its 2 insane computers.

  • Map

    Fastest FancyGrid GasPlus

    The rare cluster gas away from edge layout. . Combined border - Space & Sight blocking . Grid for building (Non korean grid lol) . Double mineral patches . Super economical, weird gas positions. - By: Solyaren (2019)



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