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How fully remove fall damage

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Why damage is caused after a fall
As you know, when jumping from a high place, but one that is located much lower, the player takes damage and the amount of health is reduced. If the height is too much, then as a result the character may even die. Caring developers made it possible to quickly save the location on the map and the status of the player at any time of the game, but still getting significant damage or the need to load the previous save is somewhat unpleasant and inconvenient. The point is not so much from how high you jumped, because if gravity is lowered, this kind of jumping remains without undesirable consequences. The reason why this damage is actually caused is the speed with which your character lands. After completing the downward jump, the fall speed as a result of acceleration caused by the pull gradually increases and if it exceeds a certain value at the time of landing, the player will receive damage. In some games on the source engine, variables of this speed are console commands, albeit hidden, but in others these values ​​are hidden in the compiled game code of the executable files. These variables are called something like "fall speed safe" and "fall speed fatal" The value of the first is less than the second and it is understandable when the value of the first is exceeded, the damage is applied after which the costume will tell you that the morphine is introduced and in fact everything is not as bad as it could be. If the value of the second variable is exceeded by accident or intentionally, then the chances of staying alive are reduced to zero or they simply do not have these chances. In order not to be afraid to jump from high places in the future, you need to change the values ​​of these variables, increase the numbers
Finding Value
So, the guilty variables are that the player’s health is decreasing, we now know how to find their real values, how. It’s easier to find out the value of fall speed safe, since as a result of even slightly exceeding its current value, damage will certainly be caused, and if you do not exceed it, then absolutely no damage will follow. In fact, finding and changing the value of this variable alone will be quite enough. The game helps us in this search, because if the damage is so miserable that it does not even affect the numbers that the indicator shows, then a soundtrack will follow which will inform that all the same damage has occurred. The method that I used was to change the value of sv_maxvelocity, since it sets the speed limit to all game objects, and, as if equating it to fall speed safe, I’ll be able to explain it better here ... In this way I found that fall speed safe in this the game equals 526.5
Change value
The exact meaning is known. Now where in what resources of the game to look for it and change it so that it would apply in the game itself. You should change the fall speed safe value to a greater value than sv_maxvelocity, for example, 3600. Here is another difficulty, since this value looks different and not at all in the usual decimal form. With the help of a small program, Hex Workshop Base Converter, you can find out how this value of 4403A000h looks different. The main game variables of the game responsible for the gameplay are in the server.dll file which is located in the Half-Life 2 \ hl2 \ bin folder. 3600 = 45610000h. Open server.dll in the hex editor, find the sequence of bytes 00 A0 03 44 and replace it with 00 00 61 45. This sequence of bytes is only one, therefore, information about nearby ones is not needed. This ensures that the values ​​of other functions are not violated. Everything can now go into your game and check to make sure that there really is absolutely no damage from whatever height you jump and also the landing itself is felt very softly and silently


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