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  • Playable, comical, but also messy and confusing

    The map looks a bit messy, and the directionality is confusing, but it is playable from start to finish.
    The cutscene is purely comical and memorable, I'd give it ∞/∞ for that.
    If you are willing to play this map, remember, that it will take really long time to finish this without admin commands.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Published Items

  • Map
    The Lost Coast

    Lost Coast is a technology demo for HDR rendering capabilities, featuring around 10 minutes of gameplay. The coast, cliff, and monastery remain mostly untouched. Removed the distant landscape, since they really serve no purpose.

  • Mod
    Weapon Sound: Remixed [L4D1 Port]

    This is the port of "Weapon Sound Remixed" by s10055072 Basically the direct port of the original mod, but I edited a bit of the sound to match the length of the original. And just in case you may wanna asked: Why there aren't empty ca...

  • 2 Maps
    Zombie Playground
    Beta N/A

    Two simple finale-only maps. The first map is the standard finale, nothing to say about. Second map quite different from first maps, it features Tank-Only finale, similar to Tank Challenge, with five waves


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