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  • Mod
    Tokyo Ghoul End scene on TV

    In the game, you can see the end of Tokyo Ghoul live on television, may be more interesting. This may make you after a fight, take a break: D He's not static TV set.

  • Mod
    Random Drinks(RNG)
    Beta N/A

    Replaces the pain pills with 25 randomly-selected beverages. Take a break from the zombie apocalypse with the cool, refreshing taste of... a lot of random stuff. Anyway, each iteration of the pills will have a different texture and the...

  • Mod
    Better perspective(v2)
    Beta N/A

    According to the Resident Evil 6 production of the third person perspective, Someone previously sent a similar, but will enhance the flashlight effect, reduce the FPS, which allows some of the low profile players on the FPS headache, so ...

  • Mod
    New Molotov and pipebomb animation
    Beta N/A

    MOD added a lighter to ignite the action, so that the animation effect is more real. Model is very delicate. Note: he is not allowed to use with other mod, the use of lighter action will be removed.


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