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  • Mod
    Linux Fire Bullets Crash Fix (Read Desc)

    This will fix the linux crash caused by fire bullet tracers by simply disabling tracers completely. This will work for all gamemodes and all servers. Step 1: Install VPK into your addons folder. Step 2: Add "+map credits +mp_ga...

  • 3 Maps
    Lego 4 Dead (Fixed)

    This is Lego 4 Dead, the Lego campaign! Reviving this old abandoned map from 2010 and giving it a finale and other fixes.

  • 5 Maps
    Yama Finale Fixed

    A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start in Tokyo's red light district, escaping to Kyoto's Kiyomizu temple, before moving further into the mountains the next morning. Four survivors find themselves str...


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