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    One of the Essentials

    Death Woods is one of the very first custom campaign maps I have ever played in Left 4 Dead 2. It helped establish in my mind what community-made maps can be. Death Woods has relatively more unique surroundings and events. When other maps would use gas tanks and fuel cans to clear a path, Death Woods would have you detonate an in-game explosive. There are more examples but I'd rather have you experience it yourself than me spoiling it.
    I played this with my friends, full house, so I'm not sure how bots behave in this map. 
    Downside, I guess, is tanks didn't spawn much when we played this. And there's little or even no interaction between the characters. No dialogue nor banter.
    Overall, really good map that has memorable scenarios. When you're tired of simple doors with alarms and you just gotta run from point A to B, give this map a try.
    Here's a snippet of our gameplay:

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