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    Zoey's beautiful hair

    Gives Zoey a nice new hairstyle, but keeps her original outfit. The hair was taken from a SFM/GMOD model and added by me to L4D2. Works with body, eye and face reskins, also includes bile textures! Credits: Red Menace, EvilAshReturn - ...

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    Cheerleader Zoey

    Gives Zoey Juliet Starling's outfit from Lollipop Chainsaw! Fixed a tons of bugs from old version (wrist glitch for example) and added new shoes,makeup and arm bands! :) Includes: -Boobs,butt physics :3 -Facial animations -Bile textures...

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    Chell inspired Zoey

    Had to reupload the whole mod again because Steam isn't letting me update the files of the previous version! Mixed alot of mods together and came up with this! Chell inspired Zoey with a sexy twist xD Includes: - Jigglebones - Facial an...


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