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    -Finally a challenge on expert, making the official campaigns fun to play again.
    -It is very balanced even tough I imagine the run of the mill player having problems reaching the saferooms and would say otherwise.
    -Tank music is awesome, hums along every time.
    -Alterations in the finale eliminates often used strategies.
    -Spawning tanks behind the player forcing them to flank backwards or run for dear life is brilliant.


    -At times there are minor bugs with the spawning of bosses including double spawn of witches for the entire level and nav issues that could be exploited.
    -Spawning bosses in plain sight is not nice to the player, but these spots are avoided by trial and error.
    -Electrified buttons can be avoided but there is no hint of how to do this.


    This bundle made the official campaigns worth playing again, which I for one haven't touched in a couple of years.
    These campaigns are not suitable for beginners by any means, but if you have a friend/friends that always complete campaigns with ease on expert and know every trick in the L4D book, this is an awesome addition to the addon campaigns!
    I really would love to see the creator(s) release similar HEM versions of The Sacrifice and Crash Course.
    10/10 addon in my book.

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