Hey, it's me, Hexxy, your local L4D modder and beta addict. Have a nice day! :)

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  • Mod
    Turtle Rock Studios Survivors Improved

    Turtle Rock Studios' (original) survivors with fixes and improvements. 2006: Static textured on eyes, 2k textures, no phong, no LODs, different body mesh shapes 2007: Source engine eyes, 2k textures. no phong, LODs, finalized mesh shap...

  • Mod
    Hex's Weapons

    So after years in the works, and not even wanting to release these because I highly dislike this community, these are my weapon models, textures, and VMTs I have recreated everything from the original retail PSDs, and models being expor...

  • Mod
    2007 Dead Bodies

    Another mod I had thrown together in my free time for a friend. This replaces the retail dead bodies for the male torso, male legs, and one of the dead civilian models with the ones used in the 2007 builds of L4D. For the fast zombie mo...

  • Mod
    TRS Bill's "Mop Head" Fix

    Not entirely sure why this bug happens, but if you're having the same issue me and multiple of my friends have had, this fixes it. Yes this is literally just changing the VMT to match the rest of the hair VMTs, but I'm uploading this bec...


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