I'm a Taiwanese Left 4 Dead 2 player who love to play with my friends.^^

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  • Continue from Lockdown DLC, still a really nice campaign.^^

    I have played this campaign second times with my friends. Some parts of this campaign are similar to Lockdown DLC, such as Louis's voice and some special panic events.^^ Although in the process of our playing, it didn't feel as impressive as playing Lockdown DLC, but it's not really hard, and it's still really fun.^^ It should be noticed that the house structure of the rescue point in finale is quite unique. If the players defend on the roof, players must be careful when going down to the first floor to get supplies.XD Overall this is a rally nice campaign, without any bug, and very well design.^^ Nice work!^^

    Edited: April 2023

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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