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Im just a simple guy! I love to play my favorite games , as off recently i thought to pick up a new hobby that is called modding or scripting , i find it fun to do! i hope you do to! :)

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    Beta 7.4

    NMRIH:Anxiety Port to Left 4 Dead 2 Map Info: Map by Porkchops4lunch port by Solved/Timonenluca Single map campaign Currently in development Please post any bugs in the comment section :) , Best regards! Solved/timonenluca.

  • Mod
    Ghost Busters: Mutation

    A Mutation mod by Solved! Aka "Timonenluca" Patch Notes: Updated in version v1.15 "02/08/2020" - Removed Colour Correction "Caused issues , when the Add-on was Loaded" - Versus "Temp fix" Updated in version v1.1 "31/07/2020" - Bil...

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    Self Control: Mutation

    A Mutation mod by Solved! Aka "Timonenluca" This is my first ever mod on the workshop and my first script , this mutation mode was made when learning the basics off scripting. Please report any bugs below! Patch Notes: Updated in v...

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    Night Creator: Mutation

    A Simple Mutation Script by Solved! Aka "Timonenluca" A Simple Script with Convars that changes any daytime campaign or map in NightTime! Patch Notes: Updated in version v1.10 "14/08/2020" - Added a Watermark - Encrypted the scripte...


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