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  • Amazing celebration mod

    Thank you for making this. Bills in nice tuxedo suits look very nice and it makes a good atmosphere if you play it on some special maps
    This is a great mod, but multipled to 8 survivors makes its even better
    Good job!

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    Ice gas can

    Gascan is totally frozen. Works for campaign and scavenge My small addition to lovely winter maps

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    Bill in fur

    Bill wears fur coat, fashionable jeans with tears and Hawaiian shirt. Even after zombie apocalypse people want to look good Textures/idea: jeans: LuciferFlash/SFM TURK shirt: TOG | K1CHWA 3rd fur coat: TOG | K1CHWA 3rd

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    Civil military Bill

    Bill wants to look good. Even if only zombie are around. So he wears a black jacket, black t-shirt and black tie. So stylish! And white winter camo pants make him brutal * Bill looks very stylish with black jacket with black tie & snow ...

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    Fashionable Bill

    Bill found a fashion magazine & after this - boutique. It's all free in a zombie world, so now we have a very good looking fashionable Bill! * Stylish dark purple suit * Scarf around the neck with 3D effect * watch *golden ring (girls, ...


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