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  • Good bro:D

    It's a good mod, i really liked its interface and everything.
     Although i must say that this mod has a problem, it is not the specific mod, the incompatibility of this mod with the "Improved Bots (Advanced)" mod is significant, as i love to use the other mod to play only in versus mode, and make that bots are most useful in either mode, but it seems like your HUD mod conflicts with the other.
     I hope and you manage to make this mod compatible with the Improved Bots Advanced. Your mod is very good to tell the truth, but this mod has the detail of being incompatible with the other mod already mentioned above.
      You deserve your 5 stars, really the mod is very good friend:D
    Note: If you notice any errors in what i said earlier, it is because i used a translator and i speak spanish
    • Ok, anyway, thank yoy very much friend :)
    • GameMaps doesn't  allow comment any kind of URL, you can simply search for it as "Left 4 Bots" and find it easily, it is quite recent and has become very popular.
    • Hello friend, thanks for answering. Just a request, ┬┐would you be so kind to pass  the link of that mod to be able to use it? I really would really appreciate it brother
    • I'll review that, I used that mod a long time ago but there are better alternatives, I recommend you try Left 4 Bots, I use that one and it is much better, it does not create any conflict.I'm glad that you liked it. (:

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