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  • Great up until map 4.

    Exceptionally good atmosphere and worldbuilding. Legit creeped me out a few times, without resorting to shitty jumpscares. Despite the overwhelming country darkness, the lighting is good enough that it's not bland. I did find it a bit odd that there were always conspicuous flares or abandoned left-on flashlights to guide your path though. ;) 
    Even with the forced tanks, gameplay is fun, balance is decent, though I felt at times supplies were a tiny bit scarce - particularly in the fourth map. Features some amusing unique melee weapons and some great panic events.
    I love the concept, theme and the fact that you even have a promotional website. 
    I have to talk about map 4 though. The entire campaign is phenomenal, with the exception of this one level. I suppose it's some sort of easter-egg reference, but the transition is so sudden and the whole map is confusing, and a dreadfully long slog. It's not particularly scary if that was the intent, and it just doesn't lend itself to fun gameplay.
    People I play with dislike the fourth map so strongly that it actually does prevent us from replaying the campaign, and for that, I can't give this a full five stars.

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