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Well hello there, welcome to my account. introduce myself: Name;Christopher :)

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    Plasma Terran rifle Ak-47 replacement

    "The Plasma Rifle is an experimental terran weapon that allows significant firepower condensed into a portable form. Due to several safety concerns, Terran Dominion personnel advised only properly trained field agents be allowed to equip...

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    Komi shoukou (idk??)

    Komi shoukou from manga or anime series "komi can't communicate". Nothing special from this mod, it's just a model and player still can talk/communicate. If ya' want to disable Rochelle voices you can go to guide I Linked in this mod. ...

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    Titan Mk III

    This new generation of assault walkers was a direct descendant of the Titan Mk. I that was first developed and saw service during the Second Tiberium War. In the post Firestorm Conflict period, the GDI Steel Talons had formed who had mad...

  • Mod
    Reaper (RA3) jockey

    The reaper ia a walking mechanised that can jump and can be categorised as walking tank. Not only walking, the reaper can also jump and fighting enemy unit, the model is cloning the "sickle". Replacing: Jockey Coach: JOCKEY ON M...

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    Shogun battleship replaces Virgil boat

    The Shogun-class battleships are the flagships of the Empire and naturally heavily decorated with patriotic motifs. However, the beautiful, gently curved shapes of the ship are deceptive - Shogun is a warship first and foremost, capable ...

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    Future X-1 tank (from RA3)

    The Future Tank X-1 is a humanoid-esque, computer-operated vehicle available to the Allies in Red Alert 3 Uprising. The X-1 replaces boomer. (Only boomer)


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