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    Anemoia - (backrooms)

    [h1] Anemoia [/h1] I fell in love with that word, nostalgia for something never lived... In the shadow of yesterday, the soul plunges, Sighs for moments that never were, Longing for a time that is lost, Yearnings for a past that...

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    CJ House 2

    CJ: What are we looking for, Smoke? Big Smoke: Some Rats are going to meet with some Rifa from San Fierro to make some kind of deal. CJ: San Fierro? He thought that northern Mexicans did not mix with those from Los Santos. Big Smoke: ...

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    cs_estate snow

    | create server | departure | map: cs_estate | start | | cancel | #counter strike 1.6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I was a c...

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    Cj house interior.(survival)
    Beta N/A

    Big Smoke: You picked the wrong house, FOOL! CJ: Big Smoke! It's me Carl! Big Smoke: CJ, mate! Is... are you okay, man? CJ: No man, my House.. Big Smoke: I don't know why this had to happen, but I swear I'm going to exterminate tho...

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    Beta N/A

    GroveStreet: map on obviously the great neighborhood of the beloved Cj, a map somewhat in a hurry to do that I discovered that a fellow tmb was doing it but the exit of the gta remasters this is my moment I said, it is very alpha but I w...


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