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  • Stolen from Me - I'm the original dev and mapper.

    This map is stolen from the dev team. This user goes by Kali da Woof Wizard on Steam Workshop. This user did not attempt to message me as I see that 
    When decompliing the stage, it's rendered as the curling stadium. The curling stadium is one of the earliest maps that was removed from L4D2 for a reason. 
    I decomplied the map to see what else this Tiffany person (as they like to call themselves) has stolen. They didn't bother to make their own original textures, but renamed their own instead. 
    I would've appreciated it if you had credited me for the posts but you didn't bother to do that. Instead, you made the conscious decision to reupload it without crediting the original devs at all. 
    I also attempted to contact Tiffany (under the current alias of Tiffany da Woof Wizard) through Steam and Gamemaps. They blocked me, however I found a way to contact them. I also have proof of my original development blog which I can send if the matter is investigated into.

    Edited: March 2023

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