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    -Animations are great and well crafted
    -The "bendy" look on his legs make him look sort-of lanky and stretched out, which is how Slendy should look


    -Still has a pink tongue, (although an author named "Disapear" has already made a black tongue mod to go with Slendy)
    -Still has green smoke coming from his body (although I don't know if there's any way of removing it)
    -Still has Smoker voice, so it doesn't feel like a silent stalker, and IMO that's how Slenderman should be
    -No custom arms for Slendy when playing as the Smoker (he still has Smoker arms in firstperson view)


    This mod is definitely worth the download for all Slender Man fans as it has the perfect animations and look to it. Although there are several flaws I have pointed out, these are of course only minor flaws and really don't take away from the experience all that much.
    Overall, I give this mod a 9.5/10 because it is a great mod and it will have the Survivors asking...
    "Do any of you guys have 20 dollars?" xD

Published Items

  • Mod
    Michael Myers the Charger (Sound Mod)

    "The infamous Michael Myers has sided with the Infected so that he can have a share of the bloodshed! Be careful out there, for this isn't any ordinary zombie we're talking about - this is evil... pure evil." This is my second SI sound ...

  • Mod
    Chucky the Jockey (Sound Mod)

    Serial killer Charles Lee Ray has risen from the dead once more, but this time he has made an unholy alliance with the undead. Guard yourselves... and your souls! NOTE: This is only a sound mod since I don't know anything about creating...

  • Mod
    NAILS Concert (Sound Mod)

    This mod will change the Dark Carnival concert music into some awesome hardcore tracks created by NAILS! Songs included: -Conform / Scum Will Rise (1st wave) -Disorder (1st Tank) -Wide Open Wound (2nd wave) -No Servant (2nd Tank) NOTE:...


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