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a big nerd of the TRS L4D version ('07.), will sometimes release TRS-inspired mods when I feel bored. if u r reading this u r very cool

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  • Stolen from the workshop.

    Everything this guy uploads are just reuploads of things that are already on the steam workshop for Left 4 Dead 2.
    Don't download this, instead just go subscribe to the actual mod on the workshop.

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    Weezer Tank

    whats with these homies dissin my girl get weezer'd a joke mod that i thought of making while day dreaming at school

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    Beta Loading Screens

    Based on other Source games blurred loading screens, technically Beta since Left 4 Dead in '07 had a regular Source Engine menu. Made to work alongside saibot_20194's 2007 menu screens. Credit to him to since I used his menu screens as ...

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    TRS Boomer Vomit Music/Pukricide

    This is a recreation of the spooky 2007 Vomit Music/Pukricide, I took Ben102015's Beta Boomer Vomit Music recreation and corrected the pitch to be exactly like the beta. Credits: Original Audio - Ben102015 Audio editor [Pitch correc...

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    TRS '07 Hud Elements

    Brings back old Beta HUD notifications as seen in old gameplay videos, as I noticed Beta HUD mod's do not include them. This also removes the nametags above the survivor's head, as it is in 2007 gameplay videos. Please Note: This d...


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