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    Hot spices

    You have discovered a small group of islands. The indigenous inhabitants there possess an extraordinary spice plant. Convinced that nearby cities will be as fascinated by the plant as you are, you attempt to obtain the spice from the nat...

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    Elven Fortress

    1 Player - Scenario - Hard - 128x128 Help Alleria to fight the Orcs invading the Elven Forests. Be quick to save the Elven Fortress before it is overrun by the Orcs. Unit information: - Elven Archers deal more damage than usual

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    Gryphon Sanctuary

    1 Player - Scenario - Nightmare - 128x128 Bomb yourself a path through the mountain to rescue the powerful Gryphon Riders. You need to defend your base to make it to the other side before you are overwhelmed by enemy attacks. The expl...


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