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Doing L4D2 -- the right way. And yes, I removed the legs mod. Getting them to animate was too hard. I'll go back to it, one day.

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    Looks realistic
    Works on lowest shader settings


    Dark Carnival's resolution needs to be higher, plus I don't like the position or shape of the moon.
    Would be nice if the skyboxes were animated (moving clouds, no points deducted)


    A very nice skybox pack.

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Unused Melee Animations

    The special melee animations used in the L4D2 beta. They are the third or fourth swing (depending on weapon). Host a local server, and everyone who doesn't have it will still have the anims (server-side). You may need to set sv_consisten...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Weapon Animations for L4D2
    Beta 8.4

    Known Issues: Can't be used on Dedicated servers (good for playing with friends who have the addon via hosting a local server) Shotgun reload flickers. Ellis' and Rochelle's arms slightly glitches when looking down with shotguns. Pistols...

  • Mod
    Dual Magnums

    Dual-wield Magnums. Replaces the default pistols (but do Magnum damage), and the Magnum is replaced by the standard pistol. Works online, but only on a local server, and clients who don't have the vpk will not dual wield anything. Excuse...

  • Mod
    Funny Louis Voice Mod

    Makes Louis stereotypical. Voices by Tenshihan_Quinn, uploaded (with permission) by me. Originally was going to include custom subtitles, but I couldn't figure out how to get them to work, so I included both subtitles_english files for a...

  • Mod
    Missing Arm Viewmodel Fix (Nick)

    for those who play at high FOVs. it also hides the weird wrist twisting with the vanilla hunting rifle. will do the other survivors eventually first video is without mod, second is with mod applied, and yes, i'm aware of his out-of-place...

  • Mod
    Dead Center Horde Theme Fix

    in case you never noticed, dead center's horde theme banjo always cuts off the last few seconds of the track when switching to a new one. i have posted a comparison video. works by hosting a local server (might work on dedicated with sv_...

  • Mod
    Fiddle Horde for The Parish

    replaces the trumpet in the parish's horde theme with the violon, but rather being a soundpack, this is a script which forces the game to load the violin, rather than the trumpet. this works if you're hosting a local server, but clients ...

  • Mod
    New Chainsaw Attack Animation

    slices infected down the middle. however, does not work on dedicated servers, but it DEFINTLEY works when hosting a local server (clients are given the animation too without need of the add on)


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