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Hi my names James I'm 22 not been mapping for long still learning so hope you enjoy the map I've made and please comment.

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    -A very good atmospher
    -kinda dark and keeps yo on your toes
    -Plenty of weapons And items
    -Detailed house with some good spots 
    -A challenging map for ppl who love survival 


    -Say a few more trees in the forrest
    -A few props floating in mid-air
    -Maybe add a swamp or something to add to the atmospher 


    A very good map, very intresting and very challenging as the horde can get at you very easy in the house. so you need a good team if you want to reach the 10 minute mark keep the good work up fella 

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  • Map
    jimbobs house

    A map of my house see how long you can hold out for dont use my bedroom though dont want blood all over the walls and watch my pc dont touch it or ill have to visite you while your playing an sort you out its only a small map nothing fan...

  • Map
    The Pit

    A small survival map you have control over the zombies there are plenty of weapons and ammo for you to use and you decide how difficult you want the map by using the doors for extra fun, have fun ppl

  • Map
    The Fun House

    A map based on one off my maps The pit 2 but with a twist and more challenging and fun to play have fun and use the buttons to spawn more infected in the map. there is also a maze to get lost in and 4 miniguns over looking one of the pits.


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