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  • Pros:

    +Simple Design
    +Easy on the frames
    +Variety of Weapons
    +Remake of a COD:BO map
    +Nice routes throughout the map
    +Challenging and fun


    +The infected gets stuck on the fences, i.e. the steel fence the blocks the street into the other two houses.
    +Found a spot on top of the building that the infected cannot reach
    +Gun spread could be better
    +Lighting could be better
    +Any gas/flame tanks? Couldn't find any
    +Kinda liked the sunset lighting, the one you shown on your screenshots


    Overall, I felt the map was really fun and quite enjoyable.  Nuke was such an overplayed map on Black Ops but still quite a fun map.  It was a real challenge and me and my friends had some fun.  There are the occasional glitches that can be fixed quite easily.  For instance I keep seeing a jockey and a hunter getting trapped behind a steel fence and couldn't find it way around.  I recommend that you should add maybe a func_ladder and turn it into an infected ladder so it can climb over it.  I also recommend that you should add a player clip around the "Jesus Building" since the infected cannot reach.  Fix some of the cons. and I believe that map will be a lot better :)

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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  • Map
    Ghost Town

    The survivors are now trapped in a ghost town (based off a real one in the Midwest) the survivors must survive in abandon old homes and historic areas. Final update! Let me know if you find any bugs! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Map
    Alpine Crossing

    The survivors find themselves helicopter-crashed in a remote location of the Rocky Mountains. Can they survive wave after wave of zombie invasions in the woods and hold off for as long as possible? My very first map ever, please report...


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