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    Zoey - Concept Bandanad Zoey Head


    'Zoey's going commando...' Skin originally made by Spiderm4N for Left 4 Dead. Compilied into VPK format to Left 4 Dead 2 by K.Tastrophe: it's not mine. Head can be combined with any skin that doesn't change models.

  • Mod

    Gnome Chompski - Chocolate Gnomie!

    'Alternate Title - Politically Correct Gnome' Don't eat that Gnome yet, Coach! We need to get him to the chopper first. Skin made by Raggle and compiled into VPK format by K.Tastrophe. It's not mine. But I am inspired to make a comple...

  • Mod

    Rochelle - Blue Depeche Mode Tee

    'Rochelle's wardrobe doesn't get much better than this!' Ported from Garry's Mod to Left 4 Dead 2 in easy to use VPK format. It's not mine. This skin works well on Dark Carnival and Swamp Fever due to their blue atmospheres. I love bl...

  • Mod

    Beta Horde Snare Drum Replacement

    It works now, people! This mod replaces the default Left 4 Dead 2 horde drum tracks with the ones used in the earlier builds of the game. The tracks are less diverse, but are made from snare drums instead of the drums currently used.

  • Mod

    Bubs Charger Soundmod

    *Fixed :) 'If I had thumbs, I'd be sticking 'em up my armpits right now!' The 100% All Original Bubs from Homestar Runner dot com is here to do a little voice acting for the Charger!

  • Mod

    Better Perimeter Alarm

    This mod replaces that horrible 'piano thing' during the Parish crescendo event with an actual alarm sound. This infamous stock audio track has been in many videos games and movies alike: Splinter Cell, Half Life 2 : Episode 2, Call of D...

  • Mod

    Zaken's Mechanic

    ZakenKnight's take on the 'ol mechanic. Skin made by ZakenKnight. Compiled into VPK format by K.Tastrophe. Ellis now wears a green hat, black gloves, a grey Bull Shifters shirt, and grey shoes.

  • Mod

    Ellis Hunter - Soundmod

    'Do you know what 'Suck the Heads' means?' 'You wanna find out?' It's finally here! After about two weeks of procrastination I have released the soundmod to accompany the Ellis Hunter skin. I don't hear any audio glitches but if you do ...

  • Mod

    L4D2 Survivors' First and Last Names

    Coach : Darnell (Coach) Coleman (First from Face Model, Last from Voice Actor) Ellis : Ellis McKinney (Last from Face Model) Rochelle: Rochelle Aytes (Name from Voice Actor) Nick: Nick Dillon (Last from Voice Actor) This gives the Left ...

  • Mod

    Ellis Hunter


    'Do you know what 'Suck the Heads' means?' 'You wanna find out?' The Ellis Hunter mod is finally here! Originally submitted by BobNintendo, I have fixed it and uploaded it here for all to use. Any skins you have on for Ellis will also s...

  • Mod

    Big Daddy Charger

    I assume this was orignially made by MrLanky but I could be wrong. This replaces the Charger with a Big Daddy from Bioshock. I have fixed it to a point where it is no longer invisible. It still has a bit of a glitch but It is still playa...

  • Mod

    Dead 4 Left

    I'm simpy porting over from L4D to L4D2 in VPK format. This is what REALLY happened to the Left 4 Dead survivors... This special infected mod pack has Bill over the Hunter, Louis over the Smoker, Francis over the Boomer, and Zoey over ...

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