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Just a normal fifteen year old boy who loves spending time with his boyfriend of over a year and his friends. Please know that if you want to add me, you don't need to ask. Feel free to just throw me a request and I'll accept it ^^

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    (( Original Skin )) 
    +Well made scope textures.
    +The scope textures are much more defined.
    +Golden texture looks beautifully re-done, shiny in all the right places.


    (( Original Skin ))
    -Texture looks extremely bumpy.
    -Bad refelectors.
    -It's a tad too bright, but nothing knocked.


    A through-and-through well made golden skin for a popular, yet infamous, bolt-action rifle.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Kathy's Scene-ic Kick Ass Sound Pack

    <<CHECK CHANGELOG FOR DETAILS! A PREVIEW VIDEO WOUL BE NICE! The sound pack is made from sounds of MANY other packs and shit, so expect a large file size. It is a VPK, so if you want to install it manually, use GCFScape to extract the f...

  • Mod
    Meryl's Samurai Edge Magnum

    This .44 magnum-chambered Samurai Edge M92FS pistol is on of the very pistols used by Soralice Emotivamente Adolorate, the Italian Assassin from the up-and-coming Resident Evil x Left 4 Dead cross over series by ~ToshirosWaifu on deviant...


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