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  • Fun, good length, and good design!

    This is what I like to see when a campaign is done right. You got a central theme (aquarium in this case), the length doesn't overstay its welcome,.the level design is both visually appealing and easy to get around, and I like the bits and touches here and there like the fish facts and the survivors reactions to things.

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Metroid Music Pack

    Replaces several music tracks with those used in various Metroid games The following are changed *Sitting Witch (E.M.M.I. Patrol - Metroid Dread) *Alerted Witch (E.M.M.I. Chase - Metroid Dread) *Burning Witch (VS Chozo Soldier - M...

  • Mod
    Streets of Rage Sound Pack

    Replaces some sound effects with Streets of Rage sound effects (survivor assists, pills consumption). Also replaces tank and credits themes with Streets of Rage music.

  • Mod
    Survivor Avatar HUD Replacement

    Replaces the default avatars on the HUD with ones for a more clean look! Should be compatible with custom HUD mods. Images created by Sirgibsalot on Steam and is used with his permission.

  • Mod
    Tourettes Tank

    A soundpack from L4D1 that I decided to convert for L4D2. The author behind it, EvilDaedalus on YouTube, gave me the go ahead to upload it for L4D2. This soundpack replaces most of the Tank sounds with clips from the Tourettes Guy. It's ...


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