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Just your average sound modder and skinner.

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  • Pros:

    Lee Everett, my favorite character in The Walking Dead
    First-Person hands
    Name change
    Lobby & survivor pic
    Voice seems to fit him nicely
    Considering he is cel-shaded, he looks pretty good in the real word


    No facial animation (I won't take points off considering its a long process of work)
    No Boomer bile texture (-0.1)


    Personally, this is a must have replacement for Coach. Whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you'll enjoy having Lee on your adventures.

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  • Mod
    RE4 Item pickup sfx

    Changes the sound effects for whenever you pick up a weapon or item to the sfx of picking up health in RE4 (One of my favorite game sfxs).

  • Mod
    Serious Sam menu

    Time to get Serious! This basically replaces the game mode icons with screenshots from the Serious Sam games by Croteam. It also has the menu music for Serious Sam 3: BFE (See preview). NOTE: Left 4 Speed 2 background not included.

  • Mod
    Ninja Gaiden 3 Tank music

    I've been around L4Dmaps for a while but I haven't uploaded anything. This basically replaces the default Tank music (Both finale and normal) with boss music from the Tecmo game, Ninja Gaiden 3.


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