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  • Pros:

    That poster.
    Custom melee weapons.
    Intro is decent, better than most.
    Custom music.
    Great level design.
    Atmosphere is believable.
    Third level is amazing.


    I only got to the third level. (-0 points)
    Noticeable lag on the starting point of the first map after the intro. (-0 points)
    Backtracking was needed in some parts, but it wasn't that big of a deal. (-0 points)
    Invisible specials and zombies in some parts. I disabled all campaigns and infected skins before doing this campaign. (-0.5 points)
    Melee weapons don't have custom icons. (-0 points)
    Runtime errors completely ruined the entire experience, as when I get one, even if I'm in the saferoom, I have to close and reopen Left 4 Dead 2. That poses a big problem if I'm doing in on solo, which I wasn't, but still. (-3 points)


    I have to admit, the campaign is amazing, but with all the problems I ran into, it's barely even enjoyable or playable. I couldn't even finish the damn thing. This hasn't happened with other custom campaigns before, even ones that featured new weapons or L4D1 characters.
    I would love to give this the 9.5 or 10 it deserves, but it just can't due to the amount of troubles.

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