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Beginner map maker and skinner.

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    Good idea
    Love the camo with the vest


    Isn't a real vest model - it's just a skin.


    Great skin for coach, makes him look more suited to a zombie apocalypse. The only downside is that the vest isn't actually a model - it's just a re skin, however I had not noticed this until about a week since I downloaded it, so it is very nicely done! Great job with this. 

Published Items

  • Mod
    Rusty Crowbar

    A crowbar reskin which makes the crowbar a greyish colour, covered in orange/brown rust. I'm very pleased with this and will most likely leave it as it is, since there isn't much I could do to it. However if anyone has any suggestions le...

  • Mod
    Green Guitar

    Made a guitar based on a real one I own, comes with a lighter wooden neck. This is my first proper re-skin, so any tips would be great.


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